As a well versed, entrepreneur, mentor, student and mother— Brittani Derbigny wears many hats, but the one she most resonates with is her role as a patient advocate for promoting prudent, quality care.

    Ms. Derbigny knew that God had a purpose on her life which was made clear when her now, 8 year old daughter, was diagnosed with Amyoplasia which promoted her to advance her knowledge in the healthcare field as a nurse. That defining moment in life pushed Ms. Derbigny to excel and promote support for other families while embracing her role as a caring nurse, patient advocate and advent student.

   Currently Ms. Derbigny holds an Associates of Art, Associates of Science, Associates of Applied Science, Bachelors of Applied Science in Healthcare Services and currently working towards her Dual Masters Degree  in Business and Healthcare Administration.

   Despite her busy schedule, Ms. Derbigny still finds time to serve her community by being an active member on her graduating college Licensed Vocational Nursing Program Advisory Committee, engaging in outreach events speaking to nursing students , while spending quality time with her family.

     When asked, "What motivates her to maintain such momentum?"  Ms. Derbigny would simply smile and state "By grace,  one small person can make an enormous impact in a big world, because there is ALWAYS work to be done."

About The Owner

Brittani Derbigny, LVN, BAS